For Nepalese children,
Towards fairer world since 2007.

Working for Children's Rights

Maya Nepal ry supports a children’s home in Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Its main aim is to secure a permanent, loving and homely environment for children with a broken past. In addition, the association is supporting other children and youths with their education, as well as attempting to improve the situation of child rights in Nepal. The work is funded mostly by member fees and donations. Except for the dispatching costs of the banks, all the funds are directed towards expenditures on housing, education of the children, salaries of the workers and basic needs like food, clothes, health care, hygiene and so on.

Local involvement and working together

Maya Nepal association was initiated by Nepalese volunteer Bikash Khatri, and his struggle for a closure of a corrupt and violent children’s home. Maya Nepal Home was founded for the rescued children. Ever since, local workers, in co-operation with Finnish volunteers, have been actively working to improve the situation of child rights in Nepal, while staying politically neutral and religiously independent.

Social change for fairer world

The aim of the association is to work for children in need of help in general. It strives to improve the lives of children living on the streets and in children’s homes and to share knowledge about child rights in Nepal as well as in Finland. The children, as they grow, have started acting on behalf of more just society and thus continue to make our activities sustainable.